VR Out-of-body Experience

The main interactive experience to be created especially for Seed for the first time, is based on medical research from as far back as 2013, but with incorporated artistic and cultural elements. Original research paper that our approach takes key elements from:

The participant will wear a VR headset, be connected to an ECG monitor and filmed with a stereoscopic camera which will feed into the VR headset view in real time. The ECG signal will be interpreted visually with custom software to be superimposed into the headset view, also in real time. The superimposition of the heartbeat visualisation causes the participant to associate embodiment with the viewed figure, convincing the mind that it is viewing the body from an external viewpoint, and is reported by researchers to provide a reliably consistent “out of body” experience.

We are excited to be possibly the first collective to use this technique in combination with more artistic visualisations, in the hope of producing more profound and meaningful experiences for participants. We also believe we may be the first to use a stereoscopic camera for this technique and have hopes that it may provide an even more affective experience.

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