About the collective

ārǣfan [ Old English ]: “to set free, unravel”. Explore mind, embodiment, identity & your preconceived notions of what virtual reality is all about at Burning Seed 2018.

ārǣfan brings together diverse talent and significant experience in the fields of VR, large scale art and out-of-the-box thinking to create groundbreaking interactive art experiences.

Cassandra Edwards - Project Coordinator


With a background in digital & 2d art, 3D animation & film, Cassandra has been a Burner since 2006. A chance meeting led to the unshelving of a VR concept originally tabled for Seed 2016, thus ārǣfan was born. She makes her living doing weird hair stuff & stylist services popular with Burners in the default world.

Cassandra attended her first Burning Man in 2006 and in short order became involved with the fledgling Kiwiburn regional, which was just beginning to grow. She held the position of webmaster for Kiwiburn and was a  member of the Kiwiburn ExCom for 5 years, as well as producing funded art for Kiwiburn in 2011. At Kiwiburn, Burning Man and Burning Seed she has been involved with various theme camps producing art and decor, and at Burning Man she assisted on-playa for one crazy 12 hour day with “Bloom” [sculpture, 2017].

Toby “Wintrmute” Corkindale - Electronics & Build


Toby has been working with computers his entire life, cameras not quite as long, and developing a wide range of artistic skills through personal projects & expanding into involvement with Burning Seed since 2014. He brings extensive knowledge of coding, custom electronics, lighting design and earns a crust @RedBubble as a data engineer.

Toby “Wintrmute” Corkindale has been attending & involved in theme camps & art @ Burning Seed since 2014. He collaborated with Stephanie Selig on “Deep Sea Angling” [sculpture, 2015], where he built custom electronics to drive a thousand custom-animated LEDs, covering the sculpture. Toby was theme camp lead for “Soul-a-flare” for 2015 & 2016, assisted organising “Plan B” alternative event in 2016 and helped organise and run “Soul-a-Balloon” at Plan B. In 2017 he assisted with electrics and power for the “Whispering Shack” theme camp.

Lachlan Sleight - VR designer


Lachlan is a creative coder, futurist and general all-round uncomfortable weirdo. He’s very interested in virtual reality, generative experiences and exploring the relationship between mind, machine and experience. He’s spent several years as CTO and Lead Developer of Liminal VR, a Melbourne-based psychological VR startup. He’s also spoken about VR, AR and the future at Unite, Academy Xi, SAE Institute, With the Best and others.

Lachlan Sleight attended his first Seed in 2017, and as such is a baby-Burner, but we plan to indoctrinate him into Making Burner Art with gusto!

Stefan Szö - participant wrangler


Stefan has worked with digital media for 20 years; has taught multimedia, film & video at Edith Cowan University; shot 360˚ video and photography since 2015. In 2017 he co-designed and managed the Imaginarium VR Experience Centre in Perth where he guided 1000 people aged between 5-105 through room-scale, motion-platform and cinematic VR experiences.

Stefan is yet to Burn, but has been wanting to for several years. This project will make it irresistible!

Key Advisors

Stephanie Andrews


Stephanie began as a Technical Director/3D Artist at Pixar, & has had a genre-spanning career around the intersection of art & technology, working extensively in 3D graphics production & development, including virtual reality, animation, motion capture, programming & UX design. She’s exhibited internationally for over twenty years exploring kinetic sculpture, holography, digital imaging & lighting installation. Currently the Creative Director for LiminalVR & pursuing a PhD in Virtual Reality at RMIT.

Stephanie Andrews had been a Burner for about 2 decades. She had contributed to many theme camps, and had  been involved in funded art @ Burning Man (main art grant for Wheel of Time, 1998), Critical Massive [Seattle] and Syncronicity [Kentucky]. She has also held the position of 2IC for Burning Seed Art in the past.

Toby Bell


Toby Bell has been a figurative sculptor for 15 years. Toby explores the use of modern materials and techniques to produce sculptures that aim to convey emotional energy through form and movement. His surgical training and passion for experimentation with new mediums can be clearly seen in his work. Toby has exhibited nationally, internationally & at Burning Man as well as Regionals.

Toby Bell has been a Burner since attending Burning Man in 2013 for which he constructed a life size aluminum and steel dragon. This was flown from Perth in sections and installed @ Black Rock City over a period of 3 weeks.

He was Designer & Artistic director for Blazing Swan effigy [14 ft wooden sculpture, 2014]  He produced “Noah” [sculpture, 2015], for Blazing Swan which was the precursor to a monumental sized version for transportation to the USA for the Burning Man 2015. Blazing Swan 2016: “The Electric Platypus” [9 meter long kinetic bright yellow electronic platypus. Dance and Music Platform.]

Karen Melzack


Karen has a long and varied history and career as an artist and digital media educator, and has been closely involved with Burning Seed for several years. Now taking a step away from event attendance, she nevertheless is assisting with costuming and online presence for ārǣfan @ Burning Seed 2018.

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