Revealing: The Unreal!

It’s amazing how much concerted effort can be required to get a diverse group of creative professionals to be able to sync up their calendars to all physically meet in one place at the same time!


Introducing: the ārǣfan collective, consisting of Stephanie Andrews, Lachlan Sleight, Cassandra Edwards, Toby Wintrmute Corkindale and Stefan Szo; with the advisory assistance of Toby Bell & Karen Melzack.

The first meeting of araefan. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

We are overjoyed to announce that our  Burning Seed Large Art Grant submission made several months ago (amidst a frenzy of interstate flights, festivals and late night mobile conversations in remote areas) was more than approved (Artery liked us so much they gave us bonus moneys!), and our collective has finally been able to align our diverse schedules with very exact phases of the moon & some arcane magicks, to allow us to meet and confirm the defining shape of our groundbreaking Burning Seed Virtual Reality Experience. Wahoo!

Now one could say that Burns are already an experience in an alternate reality, why would you want or need VR? Trust us, the experiences we will be bringing will be eminently appropriate to the Burn – interactive, colourful, musical and most importantly – consciousness-altering!

Virtual Reality is an incredibly powerful medium to express creativity in new, unique ways and is innately interactive. Whether you’ve never experienced VR, or you’ve spent hours in it – The Unreal will offer you something incredible and unique. And it’s going to be very glowy. So very, very glowy.

ārǣfan collective will be offering a selection of Virtual Reality experiences on the Paddock with The Unreal over 5 nights, including a completely new and built-just-for-Seed experience being a centerpiece of the project. We have been surprising ourselves how excited we all are as we begin the process of bringing this to Burning Seed. Here’s a tiny sneak peek with examples/dev/aesthetic of the experiences that will be offered…

Want to know more? Check out the project details here!

Want to volunteer? We’re looking for assistants on-Paddock and maybe a couple of extra pairs of hands for working-bee days in Melbourne over the next 2 months (usually Sundays) – pop us an email to with your areas of expertise and availability! For the Melbourne working-bees we are particularly keen for folk with construction and/or electronics experience, on-Paddock we’re happy for all comers!

Want to follow and/or support the project? Sign up to our newsletter – we’ll be announcing our crowdfunding campaign shortly (with options to support whether you in Melbourne, attending Burning Seed, or International/not attending) plus more updates of the project builds both in VR and meatspace as our preparations continue! You can also follow and communicate with us on Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon and a whole range of other social media sites, see if you can collect them all!

We’re going to update here and through various channels with progress on the builds, both physical and virtual, so stay tuned. We really appreciate your support.